DIY speaker (VIDEO)

Here is a video for a very simple way to make a working speaker.

Paper Flower

Here is a very beautiful flower called Iris. We will make the flower and the stem for the same. We will be using an art called Origami to make the flower.

Recycled Jewellery Box

Every maker has a special place for ice cream stick box and who knew that with a dash of creativity and imagination you can make a pretty and sparkly Handmade Jewellery Box using Ice Cream Sticks.

Origami Crane

Make this origami crane. Beautiful to decorate your room. Make Mobile or blinds. Many new ideas can be created.

Paper House Template

Download and take a print out of this image. Cut out the bold lines and crease on the dotted lines. You house will be taking shape now. Add glue on the flaps and stick them in place. Enjoy your house. Make plenty of them.